Easy-Laser® E915 Hire

Easy Laser hire by PES UK Ltd.
Uses SpinLaserTechnology™ for a constant sweep over the entire surface (360°). You place the detector anywhere in the laser sector and record the reading. No time wasted repositioning the laser beams between the measurement points.
Endurio™ Power management system ensures that you never have to stop in the middle of a measurement because the battery has run out.
True 3D: you can evaluate the result of the measurement directly in the 3D-image and advanced best-fit calculations directly on site.
Program that guides you through the measuring procedure speeds up work.
Laser beams are not affected by gravity or bracket sag.
Rotates to various positions around the rotational centres of shafts. This process allows the laser to measure just the rotational centres, and is not affected by shaft or coupling eccentricity, or runout
Measures 1 to 5 circles of measurement points

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