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The Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station is a portable inspection system designed for precision measurements on extremely large structures. It has an operational volume of 600 meters measuring 3D coordinates both with standard reflectors, and non-contact (reflectorless). The Leica TDRA6000 sets a new standard for ultra large scale metrology.

Reflectorless measurement via EDM

Bluetooth connectivity

3D point accuracy of ≤ 0.3 mm at 20 m

In-built software via LED screen

Connected directly 3D Measurement Software

Fast and flexible one-man operation


Direct Drive Technology

The all new Leica Geosystems proprietary direct drive technology has been designed from the ground up for the TPS6000 and the AT 402 family of sensors. Based on piezo technology, these new direct drives enable high speed motorization and acceleration, at up to 4x our previous generation, but still allow sub-micron level fine positioning. This revolutionary piezo technology has very low power consumption and because there are no gears, the drives require almost no maintenance, and are near silent.

Tracking Ability

A new high speed absolute angle encoder paired with our 4th generation Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) technology give the Leica TDRA6000 Laser Station the best tracking performance in its class. This new quadruple angle detection system is accurate to 0.5 Arc Seconds (1σ). The ATR and encoder feedback loop has been optimized for use with 1.5” corner cube reflectors and is specially tuned for use in a 600m volume.

Non-Contact Measurement

The Pinpoint Reflectorless Distance Meter allows non-contact measurements within the full 600 m volume, and has a very small visible beam that allows precision measurements on difficult surfaces. This new EDM is based on our proven System Analyzer technology that takes advantage of both phase and time-of-flight information. The System Analyzer accuracy is further enhanced (specifically on corner cube reflectors) by passing the laser beam through a new anamorphic lens. This lens reshapes the beam with an optimized profile and footprint allowing the inhomogeneous peripheral light to be cut off from the laser beam completely.


All measurements are performed under stable indoor environmental conditions with the target squarely aligned. Distance measurements are verified against a laser interferometer over 120 m. unless stated otherwise, all accuracies are Maximum Permissible Error (≈ ±3 σ), with typical accuracies being ½ MPE (or approximately ±1.5 σ).

3D Point Accuracy

The accuracy specified below is achieved with Leica Geosystems 1.5” Red Ring reflectors and the “Precise” measurement mode. Specifications are stated in Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). Typical results are ½ MPE.

Uxyz ≤ 30 m volume: ± 0.5 mm

Uxyz > 30 m volume: ± 0.3 mm + 13 μm/m

3D Point Reproducibility

The accuracy specified below is achieved with Leica Geosystems 0.5” TBR and/or RFI reflectors using the “Precise” measurement mode.

PRE ≤ 30 m volume: ± 0.2 mm

EDM Perfomance

 1.5″ RRR & BRR(2)  0.5″ TBR & RFI(2)  Reflective Tape(3) Non-Contact(4)
 Max Volume  600m 600m 600m 600m
 Min Distance 2.0m 2.0m 5.0m 2.0m
 Accuracy (MPE) 0.5m 0.5m 1.0m 2.0m

1 Accuracy shown is Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). Typical results are ½ MPE.
2 The 1.5” RRR is measured on the laser rail as standard.
3 20 mm x 20 mm target from 5 m to 60 m.
4 RL measurements are done against the laser rail from 2 m to 60 m

ATR Performance

 1.5″ RRR & BRR  0.5″ TBR & RFI(2)  Reflective Tape
 Max Volume 600m 600m 600m
 Min Distance 2.0m 2.0m 5.0m
 Accuracy (MPE)(1) ± 0.3 mm + 13 μm/m N/A ± 2.0m

1 Accuracy shown is Maximum Permissible Error (MPE). Typical results are ½ MPE.
2 TBR & RFI reflectors can be used for point reproducibility (i.e. deformation studies).

Telescope Magnification: 30 x

Focusing range: 1.7 m to infinity

Display: ¼ VGA, colour, touch, both faces

Keyboard: 34 keys, illuminated

Internal memory: 256 MB

Memory card: C ompactFlash card 256 MB or 1 GB

Interfaces: RS 232, Bluetooth® Wireless

Operation: Three endless drives for one or two hand operation Precision trigger key for manual measurements

Internal Power Management: lithium-ion battery

External Power Management: AC power supply

Weight Laser Station incl. battery: 7.6 kg

Operating temperature: –20° C to +50° C

Dust/water: (IEC 60529) IP54

Humidity: 95%, non-condensing


To enquire about the Leica TDRA6000 please fill out the form below or call +44 (0) 1455 251251

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