PES Metrology in Automotive

At PMS we enhance productivity in the automotive sector with automated quality control software and metrology solutions.

High precision systems

At PME, we know that efficiency and speed are crucial when manufacturing in the automotive industry. For that reason, we offer fast, high-precision systems that are resilient for use directly on the shop floor and as a cog in the manufacturing processes.

With our help and quick feedback, you can ensure no time is wasted on scrap and:

  • remove production bottlenecks
  • lessen waste and delays
  • optimise each operation more quickly.

Why choose PES Metrology?

Our software automates drawing detection and reporting when used with our measurement devices, minimising paperwork and data entry for measurement results.

Component inspections

Components in the automotive industry are made from a variety of materials and come in different shapes and sizes. As a result of this, there comes a number of different processes that are used to create these parts such as casting, forging and composite layers.

PES engineers ensure the quality and safety of all components on the production line from sheet metal, and body in white, to final assembly inspection. We not only guarantee the quality, but we will also save you money with less wastage and a reduction in delays. More importantly, we give peace of mind with safety being paramount.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering in the automotive sector is incredibly useful, especially for replacement parts, prototyping or for inspection purposes. It is a method where a physical part or mock-up is used as a starting point to analyse or recreate a product’s design.

The key phases in reverse engineering include accurately and effectively obtaining the car body’s forms and then extracting the data from the resulting scan to rebuild the original.

Jigs & Fixtures / Tooling

PEM Metrology have a number of jigs and fixtures to help with the assembly & validation and installation & inspection within the automotive sector. These may include:

  • castings
  • bumpers & grills
  • welding fixtures
  • interior trims
  • assembly checking
  • electrical tests.

Precision Robotic Path Verification

Our engineers at PES Metrology are proficient in:

  • 6DOF Path verification for robot arms
  • Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility analysis).

Our Services

Our Metrology Hire Services

If you don’t have the required measuring machine resources on-site then our metrology equipment rental can be a quick and cost-effective way to maintain your manufacturing agility and avoid bottlenecks. We provide short or long-term rental packages from a range of metrology equipment including, CMM Romer Scan or Probing Arms, Leica Laser Trackers and metrology software hire to integrate data or control tool or part dimensions & more.

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