PES Metrology in Construction

One of the most crucial factors in making sure a construction project operates effectively is accuracy. This is where metrology comes into its own!

Save time and money

Metrology’s quest is accuracy and reliability which are a necessity for any construction project.

Our PES engineers can mark out flooring for drilling, indicate machine placement, conduct level surveys or perform a range of alignment tasks from simple levelling to complex axial alignments such as turbine and generator alignment.

Consequently, these accurate measurements will save you time, effort and money in the long run!

Why choose PES Metrology?

Measurement errors can result in a complete restart of a construction project. By conducting measurement and alignment tasks, PES can ensure these types of errors are eliminated ultimately saving you time and money.


We can conduct groundworks measurements to ensure your project gets off to a good start.

From marking out the flooring for drilling, indicating machine placement or conducting level surveys, our engineers will make sure you have the reliable and accurate measurements you need.


Alignment comes in may difference shapes and sizes in the construction industry. From road alignment, laser alignment for building materials or even tunnel alignment to structural deviation and dynamic evaluation.

At PES, we provide a range of alignment tasks from simple levelling to complex axial alignment such as turbine & generator alignment.

Our Services

Our Metrology Hire Services

If you don’t have the required measuring machine resources on-site then our metrology equipment rental can be a quick and cost-effective way to maintain your manufacturing agility and avoid bottlenecks. We provide short or long-term rental packages from a range of metrology equipment including, CMM Romer Scan or Probing Arms, Leica Laser Trackers and metrology software hire to integrate data or control tool or part dimensions & more.

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