PES Dimensional Inspection Services cover small and large parts, assemblies and fabrications. PES offer both contact and non-contact subcontract measurement services using portable measurement arms (portable CMM) and Laser Tracker systems (3 & 6 DoF).

Component inspection can be carried out relative to 2D drawings or 3D CAD models with or without GD&T annotations. With four different measurement software packages, PES can deliver detailed inspection reports to meet your needs.

There are many reasons for needing portable inspection services within a manufacturing environment:  1) The component is too large, heavy or awkwardly shaped to be loaded on to a CMM  2) To add additional resource to clear a backlog of parts  3) To inspect a part mid process whilst still on a machine  4) The component is too delicate to transport to inspection facilities.

PES provide a cost effective solution to the above by offering a subcontract inspection services with our fleet of highly accurate metrology instruments, software packages and skilled engineers. Our services cover large volume objects such as steel and aluminium fabrications, machined parts, assemblies, composites, tooling, mould tools and sheet metal components using 3 or 6 degree of freedom Laser Trackers. We also inspect small volume items with our high accuracy scanning and probing arms which offer contact and non-contact assessment of surfaces, geometry and dimensions alike.

Whether the dimensional inspection data is captured via Laser Tracker or portable CMM, PES are able to produce custom measurement reports to suit your needs. PES utilise a range of 3D measurement software which include: SpatialAnalyzer, Polyworks Inspector, Metrolog X4, Delcam PowerInspect and Geomagic Control by matching the strengths of each measurement package with the requirements of the task at hand. We also has the capability to produce measurement plans for customers who require repeat inspection of batch components which helps cut inspection time and improve productivity.


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