Offshore Alignment

PES offer on and offshore shaft alignment, flange flatness verification and levelling using Easy Laser & Status Pro measurement systems, Leica Laser Trackers and Leica Total Stations to provide dimensional control in harsh environments.

PES has over 39 years of alignment and inspection expertise gained in range of working environments in a global marketplace. One of the most challenging environments to work in can be offshore. Whether out in the North sea or further a field the conditions can be challenging with high winds and extreme heights. This is why having skilled, qualified engineers accompanied by the correct portable measuring equipment is key.

PES provide alignment, levelling and inspection services using laser trackers, total stations (offering reflectorless measurement) and an EasyLaser and Status Pro measurement system for onshore and offshore projects.

Our Leica AT403 and AT960 laser trackers are the most portable and durable laser trackers currently on the market. With complete portability and battery operation accompanied with a powerful laptop and a range of measurement software pachages, these systems are perfect for offshore alignment and inspection work where incredibly high accuracy is required.

For the more simple checks such as flange flatness verification high accuracy can still be achieved with a simple and even more portable device such as the EasyLaser or Status Pro measurement system. These systems both use a small transmitter and a receiver to detect deviations in overall flatness at numerous points around the flange face.


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