Automation: Robot Path Verification

PES Metrology - Robot Path Verification
PES Metrology - Robot Path Verification

PES Metrology were invited to perform Robot Path Verification for a leading Tier 1 aerospace company. Utilising our AT901LR laser tracker and T-Probe system PES were able to record and compare 6 DoF information for six (6) articulated arms.

The customer’s facility comprised of 3 state-of-the-art robotic shot peen cells, each containing 2 robotic arms. The customer required all 3 pairs of robots to be certified as following the same path within a specified tolerance. PES’s Leica AT901 and Leica AT960 are capable of following a 6 Degree of Freedom (DoF) target, which records the end effectors position and also its orientation. This is a critical point, because the orientation of the end effector affects the shot peen’s trajectory more significantly than its location in 3D space.

PES Metrology ran all 6 robotic arms through the same path sequence that used the same volumetric space and poses in its work cycle, but reduced the pause time in each pose to 3 seconds each. PES also programmed the arms to describe a 1000mm cubic to check the scaling of the robot’s kinematic controller.

Following the site visit a report was produced comparing each cell and detailing the results of the various checks carried out.


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