Hire: SpatialAnalyzer Software

Hire the SpatialAnalyzer from PES Metrology

SpatialAnalyzer is the premier portable metrology software solution for large-scale applications. SA is an instrument-independent, traceable 3D graphical software platform that makes it easy for users to integrate data from multiple instruments and perform complex tasks simply, ultimately improving productivity.

Real-Time Build & Virtual Assembly

Uncertainty Calculation & USMN

GD&T Inspection

Reverse Design – Export as STEP or IGES

Interface with over 140 metrology instruments

Fully traceable measurement software


Native CAD

Import support for such major applications as CATIA V4, V5, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and other CAD formats.


100% traceability from measurement to reporting.


A variety of alignment methods ranging from traditional 3-2-1 alignments to more advanced surface fits.


Relationships are dynamic in nature and update automatically if part alignment or data changes.

Evaluation & Analysis

Permits both graphical and numerical depiction of measurement uncertainty.


Quick, user-friendly reporting functionalities.

GD&T Inspection

Import CAD with GD&T annotations, create annotations manually, and inspect to GD&T standards with real-time reporting.

Geometry Inspection

Define design-based inspection routines from a CAD model or primitive geometry.

Full Support for Multiple Portable Metrology Instruments

SpatialAnalyzer can simultaneously communicate with virtually any number and type of portable metrology instruments. This includes laser trackers, arms, laser radars, scanners, projectors, theodolites, total stations, and photogrammetric devices–all featuring a common interface for each instrument class.

Real-Time Alignment

Track moving parts in real-time so that you can monitor a part’s position as it is guided into place.

Advanced Fit Optimization

Provides the power necessary for advanced alignments and can help bring an out-of-tolerance part back within tolerance. You can also define fit envelopes to satisfy multiple constraints/ requirements.

Complex Instrument Networks (USMN)

A powerful feature that leverages the uncertainty characteristics of different instruments to provide a much more accurate instrument network than that of traditional alignment methods.


Generate simple to complex scripts that will greatly improve workflow and productivity, eliminate errors and save significant resources.

Pipe Fitting

Used in large piping applications when precision measurements and optimization are required.

Database Output

An additional reporting feature that allows you to transfer SA data to databases and track projects/data long-term.



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