Offshore: Beatrice Offshore Windfarm

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm - PES Metrology
Beatrice Offshore Windfarm - PES Metrology

The Beatrice offshore wind farm project is another example of PES’ ability to carry out measurement in extreme conditions.

Gusting winds, rain and a height of 60 meters were 3 main challenges that the PES metrology engineers overcame.

PES were asked to inspect the flange flatness and bolt hole pattern of 5 transition pieces at our customer’s UK facility. The 60m tall gravity-base foundations were due to be installed off the Northumberland coast so it was vitally important that the flanges were all within design tolerance to ensure the seamless installation of the towers/turbines above them.

The equipment used was a Status Pro Flange measurement system and Leica distance meter. The flange measurement system consisted of a laser transmitter, sensor and a handheld display unit. The sensor was moved inboard / outboard every 10 degrees to capture 72 measurements of the flange surface area. The bolt hole patterns were recorded to show circularity, max, min and average diameters.


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