Laser Tracker Training

PES Metrology - Laser Tracker Training

Running in parallel with our SpatialAnalyzer courses we offer Laser Tracker training using Tracker Pilot for AT40X, AT9X0 and EmScon software.

Being able to understand the fundamentals and knowledge behind a laser tracker is just as important as being able to run the software that utilises its features. Having sufficient knowledge about Laser Trackers allows you to be able to fault find and fix any problems that may occur as well as be able maintain the tracker to maximise its full potential. We offer training on 3 different Leica tracker model: AT960, AT901, AT403 and AT401. We also offer additional training in using Leica’s T-Probe and T-Scan for extra measurement capabilities such as hidden measurement and high density laser line scanning.

In addition to learning about the tracker you will receive training on how to use and set up Tracker Pilot software, which allows the user to connect to the tracker to run utility and performance checks.

Our Instructors are fully certified and qualified to an advanced level and have at least 5 or more years’ experience as Laser Tracker training engineers on small and large volume measurement jobs using a variety of instruments and spanning industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Energy sectors.


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