Turbine Retrofits

PES offer alignment support for Steam and Gas Turbine Retrofits for Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Power Stations worldwide.

The use of high tech measurement systems is becoming more popular with large power turbine companies seeking the advantages of digitally recorded, traceable measurement data and faster measurement time leading to shorter outages and financial benefits.

With any delays in this industry leading to huge costs it is imperative that measurement runs smoothly on the outage and is performed correctly. Our team of skilled metrology engineers have the skills and experience to ensure that this happens.

Our team of skilled metrology engineers regularly travel to global locations and are accustomed to working 12.5 hour shifts as part of a team to give around the clock coverage. Our reporting style is flexible, we complete customer templates as well as supplying a PES Dimensional Inspection Report. Current work locations include Europe, USA and Asia.

Laser Trackers offer many advantages over traditional methods for the dimensional control aspect of a steam or gas turbine retrofit.

These include:

Many times faster than traditional methods for recording axial positions and heights of diaphragms, nozzle and gland boxes

Full traceability of the measurement data with no possibility of a typographical error

Non-user dependent results


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