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The Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is the most portable 3D Absolute Tracker for traditional inspection tasks or for fully guided measurement processes, its all-in-one large volume laser tracker system sets a new standard for portability, simplicity, robust construction and measurement efficiency.

Measurement volume Ø320m

Accuracy: 15µm +/- 6µm per meter

Highly accurate gravity level

Wi-Fi connection access point

Operating temperatures -15 to 45 deg. C

Built-in environmental monitoring


New all-in-one large-volume laser tracker system that sets a new standard for portability, simplicity, robust construction and measurement efficiency.

An all-in-one metrology solution more portable than any other on the market, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is a self-contained measurement workshop inside a compact and convenient single case.

With outperforming measurement process speed, operational simplicity like no other laser tracker and an unmatched level of robust construction, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is a calculated bundle of affordable innovation without equal on the portable measurement market.

Improvements include faster and more economical stationary and continuous measurement processes, along with a streamlined station change procedure. Added WiFi access point functionality and hot-swappable batteries deliver unmatched measurement freedom. Designed for leading results in almost any imaginable measurement environment, it is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -15 to 45 degrees Celsius and features built-in environmental monitoring, orient-to-gravity functionality and construction in line with the rigorous IP54 certification standard.

All-in-One Integrated Design

From integrated wireless connectivity, environmental monitoring and all-day battery power, to overview camera, RapidSight aim scope and ergonomic carry handle, every need is built in.

Single-Box Probing System

Just one case contains the lightest and most portable sensor and probe as well as IR remote, with various transportation cases for full flexibility.

Smart Connectivity

Built-in WiFi with true access point functionality delivers single-user operation through simple PC setup and remote control options via laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Automatically re-establishes interrupted line of sight within a wide field of view with no user interaction required.

Continuous Measurement

Continuous time and distance measurement mode.

Entry-Level Probing

Cableless, battery-powered Leica B-Probe with customisable hidden-point capability.

IP54 Certification

The IEC-certified sealed unit guarantees ingress protection against dust and other contaminants, enabling effective measurement in even the harshest environments. 


Integrated environmental unit monitors conditions including temperature, pressure and humidity to compensate for changes and ensure accurate measurements regardless of external factors.


Enables measurement with the Z-axis aligned to gravity, ideal for leveling and alignment tasks.

Battery Power

Independent hot-swappable battery power supply allows for quick and easy cable-free setup and all-day wireless operation.

Operating Temperature

Wide operating temperature range of -15 to 45 degrees Celsius.

Measurement Volume

Ultra-large measurement volume of up to 320 metres (ø), with minimum measurement distance less than 0.8 metres.

Hexagon Guarantee

Full 24-month factory warranty and guaranteed ten years of serviceability.


The Perfect Partner for the Leica B-Probe
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 presents the ideal solution for portable probing applications when paired with the established quality of the Leica B-Probe portable probing tool. This single-case portable probing system delivers improvements in measurement process speed and usability as well as customisable hidden-point reach. When added to the already class-leading cableless functionality of the Leica B-Probe, large-volume probing is now simpler and better than ever before.



Reflector* U(x,y,z) = ± 15 μm + 6 μm/m (± 0.0006” + 0.000072”/ft)

Leica B-Probe* U(x,y,z) = ± 0.2mm (± 0.008”)
*All accuracies specified as Maximum Permissible Errors (MPE) and calculated per ASME B89.4.19-2006 and ISO10360-10:2016 using precision Leica 1.5” Red Ring Reflectors unless otherwise noted.

Absolute Distance Performance ± 10 μm (± 0.00039”)

Absolute Angular Performance (including Orient-to-Gravity) ± 15 μm + 6 μm/m (± 0.0006”+0.000072”/ft)


Dust/Water IP54 (IEC 60529)

Operating Temperature -15˚C to +45˚C

Relative Humidity max. 95% (non-condensing)

Environmental Monitor Temperature, pressure and humidity

Laser Safety Class 2 Laser Product in accordance with the IEC60825-1 Second Edition (2014-05)


Typical Reflector Measurement Volume (ø) 320 m

Minimum Reflector Measurement Distance < 0.8 m


Cable TCP/IP (Cat5)

Wireless WLAN (IEEE 802.11n)

Power Management

Internal Lithium-ion battery with 8-hour typical runtime

External AC power supply

Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE+)

General Information

Overview Camera 4:3 IR enhanced Image ≈ 10˚ FOV

Remote Control 4-button infra-red Leica B-Probe

Leica B-Probe

Measurement Volume (ø) 20 m

Relocation Volume (ø) up to 320 m

Minimum Measurement Distance 2.5 m

Dust/Water IP50


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