PES Metrology in Aerospace

Our engineers at PES Metrology are skilled in a wide range of building and inspection tooling, component inspection and robotics, all of which are vital to ensure safety regulations are met within the aerospace industry.

Precision and reliability

Both precision and reliability are essential for products and components used within the aerospace sector and the use of metrology within the manufacture of these ensures measurements are correct and right every time.

Metrology-assisted manufacturing in aerospace has several key benefits:

  • More cost-efficient manufacturing practices
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Less wastage or scrapping due to incorrect measurements
  • Reduction in the need to revise or alter.

Why choose PES Metrology?

We support innovation in the aerospace sector by providing superior metrology tools and expertise. Here are just some of the reasons why we are best-in-class.

Component inspections

Aerospace components come in different shapes and sizes and are built from a wide variety of materials. Furthermore, these parts are also made using a variety of procedures, including casting, composite layers, joining different materials, forging, and so on.

Yet, they all share the same traits! They are all significant components and must be inspected to guarantee quality and safety.

For this reason, there is a requirement to conduct diverse inspection procedures such as automated thickness measurements, joint quality detection of completed components, porosity detection of composite material parts, inclusion detection of forged parts and more.

PES have the engineers and inspection equipment to test aerospace components to ensure flight safety and regulatory compliance.

We can effectively complete simple or complex inspections, ensuring safety compliance while providing peace of mind.

First Article Inspection (FAI) services

Our engineers provide objective evidence that your engineering, design and specifications are understood, verified and recorded to ensure you produce the expected output during normal production cycles.

Aerospace Jigs & Fixtures

Here at PES, we understand that the aerospace industry is extremely dependent on machinery and that this machinery is vital in the construction of material. We design, build and align jigs and fixtures for the aerospace industry to take the pressure off you. We ensure every piece of equipment manufactured is built to the highest of standards and is accurate to the intended design.

Precision Robotic Path Verification

Our engineers at PES Metrology are proficient in:

  • 6DOF Path verification for robot arms
  • Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reproducibility analysis).

Our Services

Our Metrology Hire Services

If you don’t have the required measuring machine resources on-site then our metrology equipment rental can be a quick and cost-effective way to maintain your manufacturing agility and avoid bottlenecks. We provide short or long-term rental packages from a range of metrology equipment including, CMM Romer Scan or Probing Arms, Leica Laser Trackers and metrology software hire to integrate data or control tool or part dimensions & more.

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