PES Metrology in Renewable Energy

Accurate measuring infrastructure, traceability and calibration, and adherence to globally accepted measurement standards are necessary for the development of renewable energy technologies.

Metrology playing a crucial role

The renewable energy sector is working tirelessly to improve energy generating from wind farms, waste and solar energy and metrology plays a key role in this.

At PES Metrology, we have a range of expertise and knowledge in the renewable sector and can help with component inspections, installation, alignment and reverse engineering.

Why choose PES Metrology?

Wind Farms

PES Metrology helps manufacturers of wind components overcome quality control obstacles through technology and tenacity. We can help with:

Component Inspection

We provide component inspection services for monopiles, transition pieces and tower bases using measurement and laser technology.


To aid the installation process, save time and money, our engineers provide transition piece flange flatness, levelness and bolt hole location services.

Power from Waste

PES Metrology helps manufacturers of waste-to-energy plants ensure quality control through technology and inspection services. We can help with:

Component Inspection

Turbine rotors, valves and other components are all significant to the reliability and safety of waste energy plants. At PES Metrology, we conduct component inspections to ensure high quality and safety.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering in the renewable energy sector is useful for waste plants, especially for worn part replacement. We will scan worn valves to enable the manufacture and replacement of parts to ensure accuracy reducing downtime.


The use of high-tech measurement systems is becoming more popular with large waste-to-energy plants seeking the advantages of digitally recorded, traceable measurement data and faster measurement time, which all leads to shorter outages and financial benefits.

Our Services

Our Metrology Hire Services

If you don’t have the required measuring machine resources on-site then our metrology equipment rental can be a quick and cost-effective way to maintain your manufacturing agility and avoid bottlenecks. We provide short or long-term rental packages from a range of metrology equipment including, CMM Romer Scan or Probing Arms, Leica Laser Trackers and metrology software hire to integrate data or control tool or part dimensions & more.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy



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